#Episode2 - Wolves, Chihuahuas, and the Power of Connection

Season #1

What could you learn from a chihuahua about the power of CONNECTION? In #Episode2, we dive into the science and the significance of connection. Discover the difference between dogs and wolves when it comes to connection - and how it impacts each species. We also take a trip to the world's largest organism... and some eye-opening communication lessons from Mother Nature.

Reflection Questions for this Week's Episode: 

  • In what areas of your life do you tend to be the "lone wolf"? What if you were to create a shift?  
  • What is YOUR support network? How do you give to it? What do you receive from your participation? What if you connect more deeply with the people in this network?
  • In this episode, Mendhi challenges you to find someone to connect with through using the "What If" UP process:
    • Who would you want to connect with?
    • What would you share as a desire?
    • What do you notice as you give and receive ideas?

Resources from #Episode2: