This Planner is Deceptively FUN.

You might not even realize how transformational your commitment to using this planner can be... until you reflect and notice the results each month!

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How This Planner
Will Help You...

If you're like me, you've tried using other planners in the past.  Most of them feel like a behemoth to-do list that never gets done.  Perhaps, like me, you have never equated use of a monthly planner as something that is enjoyable, inspiring, and deliciously effective in helping you reach you goals. 

All of that is about to change.

What If Up Monthly planner

This planner is different. It's fun, It's creative.
It's encouraging. Here's how it works:

Expect good things
Part 1:

Using the tools in this first section as you begin a new month.  Thinking about what you want, the areas you'd like to improve, and how you can track your progress.

Part 2:

This is where your daily practices kick in. Each week, you'll have an opportunity to map out your 5-day forecast, and use the Daily Planning pages to create a possibbility for your day.

Part 3:

Throughout the month you can capture highlights, accomplishments, and the connections you experience along the way. By the end of the month you will have amassed a treasure of insights and ideas.

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Here's A Sneak Peak Inside The Planner...


This is where your daily practices kick in.  Use your Daily Planning Pages each day to create new possibilities: Your daily "What If..."!  With this inspired possibility in mind, reflect on what you want to create (your desired reality), as well as the thoughts, feelings, and actions that align with this intention.


Use this tool to begin a new month.  Think about what you want to create over the course of a month, and prioritize your areas of focus.  Consider the areas you'd like to improve and what metrics you could track to measure your progress.


Big wins begin as daily disciplines.  Reflect on your intentions for the month, and identify the ongoing disciplines that will support you in continuing to make progress.  Check off each day of the month when you fulfill your commitment and celebrate your "winning streaks" along the way!

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Whether you order one Monthly Planner, or stock up for the whole year, now is the time to get focused, to elevate your thinking, and to step into inspired action. 

Imagine a Better Day... What if you could start each day grounded in joy and enthusiasm?

Imagine a Better Life... What if you could start each day committed to caring for your body, your health and your well-being?

Imagine a Better World... What if you could start each day focused on bringing good ideas to life?

Once you experience how much fun it is to focus on your goals, and see the results, you'll be hooked! 
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What if UP monthly planner