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Life Changing

"[This] is an answer to a prayer of mine! I had seen The Secret and was on a path that I did not understand when it comes to manifesting... Now I have a resource to continue on my journey. The 'What If' UP concept and practice is a lifelong companion of mine. I am able to use it right now and in every aspect of my life. Thank you! I will spread the news!"

-Glenda Thomas

Easy Attitude Adjustment Brings Great Results

"The 'What If' UP method is amazingly easy to follow and apply. There's no cult, no guru, no socio-babble. I started by [using the 'What if it all goes right?'] question to my life, and major things started to open up. With every additional follow-through I have applied, I've gotten lighter and more open to opportunities...  I'd sum up with one phrase: Clarity for your Soul."

-Donald Wilde

What if this turned your life around?

"What if you could create the life of your dreams by simply applying the 'what if' principle? ...This is not pie in the sky. This is learning how to use your imagination to get the things you want in life easier and faster than you ever thought possible."

-Stephen Ford

What does it mean to
"What If" UP?

It means you refuse to see challenges as "dead ends."

It means you assume the best about the motives of others, and dare to believe that all the happiness you desire is possible, regardless of current circumstances.

It means that you can conceive of your own potential, the potential of humanity, and our ability to co-create a sustainable world for future generations.

If you know in your heart that there is no obstacle that we can not collectively overcome, join The Club.

We've been waiting for you!

Truly Transformational!

"If you are looking for a framework or reference point to move FORWARD from, this is it!!!  Apply this philosophy, and watch your life TRANSFORM before your very eyes....!!!!"

-Bobby Kountz


It has Improved my Life...

"The 'What If' UP process has improved my life by always helping me step back and take a 30,000 foot view of where I am and the bigger territory of opportunity that surrounds me. It is transformational.”

-Janet Redford
A Spirit of Hope and Enthusiasm

"LOVED the teaching from this week!! What I love most is how Mendhi brings a spirit of hope and optimism through her enthusiasm and inspired teaching of the 'What If' Up principles."

-Ronna Vigil