Mendhi Audlin Speaker

Meet Mendhi

Mendhi Audlin is the founder of The What If UP Club, a forward-thinking community committed to helping people bring good ideas to life. 

Mendhi is the author of the wildly popular book, “What If It All Goes RIGHT?” Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility.” She has spoken to audiences around the world about the power of positive thinking and works with individuals, organizations and youth groups to inspire positive change and personal growth.

With over 20 years of experience as a keynote presenter, workshop leader, and mastermind facilitator, Mendhi is known for her fun, energizing programs that leave participants feeling uplifted, empowered, and eager to leap into action.

She currently lives in northern New York where she hosts a weekly podcast “The What If UP Podcast with Mendhi Audlin.”

You are likely to find her sipping a chai tea, enjoying time outdoors, and grinning from ear to ear for no apparent reason.

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