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What If you were part of a dynamic Mastermind group that believed in you and wanted to help you succeed?

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What If You Don't
Have To Do It Alone?

Do any of these sound like you:

I have a calling or passion that I want to bring to life... (but I haven't really done anything with it yet.)

I have a vision I want to take to the next level... (but I'm not sure where to start, or who can help me.)

I'm feeling a bit lost and I want to make a change... (but I'm not sure how to begin.)

If any of these statements sound familiar, then our "What If" UP Mastermind Program is a perfect fit. I designed it specifically for people just like you!

What If We Can
Go Farther When We Work Together?

Most people who have achieved a vision or goal in their life did it with help.  That's exactly why people are so successful in our program: We work together!
Our process is very different from other coaching programs you may have experienced. We don't tell you what you should be doing, give you a long 'To Do' list and then bark at you when you don't get everything done (yuck!).

Our program is intentionally fun and uplifting. Each week, you'll gain insights and knowledge, while our community provides motivation and accountability to keep you joyfully moving forward!

But the most important part of our program is the friends you'll make, and the fun you'll have along the way.

You are destined for amazing things and we would love to support you on your journey!

How Our Mastermind Program is Different...

The "What If" UP Mastermind Program includes a complete online training portal, PLUS weekly training and group mastermind calls with Mendhi.

The program is designed to keep things energizing and exciting, while ensuring you have structure and accountability to help you make progress each week.

We believe that the journey should be as fun as the destination. Each week, you'll have the opportunity to celebrate wins in the community, and possibly win prizes, too!

What You'll Receive

Here's what you'll receive with our
"What If" UP Mastermind Program:

Weekly Videos & Action Guides

Each week, you'll receive a video with reflection questions to challenge and inspire you.

Mastermind Call Each Week

This is the core of our program.  You'll get live Zoom coaching & training from Mendhi every week.

"What If" UP Circles on Zoom

Connect with our community to collaborate, network & "What If" UP online in a small group.

"What If" UP

Our Monthly Planner is designed to help you stay energized and on track every day of the week!

"What If" UP Masterclass

Quickstart your journey by diving into the science behind the  "What If" UP process, and watch your results soar!

Online Group Discussion

Submit questions, share your progress, and connect with others any time in our online community portal.

Coaching Call Archives

All of our live training calls are recorded, so you can access our archives if you miss a call or want to listen again.

Get Started Today for Just $79/month

After 20 years of doing this work, I have discovered that there are three factors that are crucial to creating success in your life:

1) Knowledge / Training
         2) Coaching / Accountability  
3) Community / Support

Don't let another day pass by! Connect with our community and let's create amazing things together!

There's just one thing Our Mastermind is missing...YOU!

When you join the "What If" UP Mastermind Group, you'll be surrounded by people who are working towards a vision or goal, just like you. Enroll today and let's get there together!

What if Your Future
is cheering you on to
Take Action?

It may be difficult for you to believe that making such a Small Investment can create such a Big Change in your future.
But I'm so sure you'll love my program and our community that I'm offering a 30-Day, money back guarantee. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
There's absolutely no risk to you. If you feel this isn't a good fit, we'll refund your investment... no questions asked!

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