What if you could be a part of an international community committed to finding opportunities where others see obstacles?  


Monthly LIVE Coaching & Training

Each month, you'll have an opportunity to connect with Mendhi (and occasional special guests!) to go deeper in applying the What If Up tools in your life.

Online Community

Connect with others from around the world to share ideas and offer encouragement. Our online community is always available for questions, ideas & connecting with each other!

Special Surprises!

Our What If UP Community frequently receives early access, special discounts, and other surprise perks. What if every month is filled with delightful surprises that keep your creativity flowing!

What If UP Club Kick-Off with Special Guest: Joe Vitale!

We are thrilled to officially launch our new What If UP online community with Joe Vitale, best selling author and star of "The Secret."

Sign up for The What If Up Club and be part of our live, exclusive advanced training & coaching session.  

You'll hear leading-edge ideas from Joe and me that you can use to "What If UP" into new possibilities. Plus, you'll have opportunities to interact, ask questions, and maybe even win some fabulous prizes. What if?!

Try it FREE for 30 days!

Come on over and stick your toe in the water. We'd love to get to know you! Join The What If UP Club today and your first 30 days are FREE! No risk. Just good juju, fresh perspectives, and a whole lotta possibilities for living the life of your dreams!


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