What If It All Goes RIGHT?

Mendhi's Book is now available in paperback, Kindle e-book, and Audible audio book formats.


Profound in its simplicity...

What If It All Goes RIGHT?” teaches the foundational skills for conscious creation. Whether you want to experience romance, world travel, financial freedom, or simply an inner experience of greater peace and fulfillment, you’ll find the tools and the techniques to expand your inner world in a way that tangibly affects your outer reality.

After mastering the inner processes, you”ll find ideas and resources for coming together with others who can accelerate your progress. Plus, you will discover ways you can use these techniques to powerfully impact your community and the world.

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“It’s amazing that after several years of hearing these principles, I still hadn’t been clued in to how to do this. At least not to the degree that your book is making clear.  When I don’t have down time and am driving around, I get to spend the whole day ‘What If Upping!’”  

- John Lochner, Dallas, TX

"Life Affirming"

"I recently read your book, and I thought it was truly wonderful. Not just another self-help book, but something unique and joyful and life-affirming. I’ve read a gazillion spiritual books over the years, and yours is one of my favorites!”- Jillian Coleman Wheeler, www.DrJillian.com


“The book is a magnificent blessing. Such a beautiful and clear exposition of how to have an unsticky relationship with possibility. I adore the idea that one can look at one’s intentions with detachment. Glorious new data from the universe.” Lawrence Ball, United Kingdom

"Fabulous Book"

“I read Mendhi's book on the plane to NY. What an inspirational, positive, fabulous book. It meant a lot to me and I’m passing it on to my daughter and my sisters.”- Susan Spencer, Colorado

“As powerful as the initial 'What If Up' concept is, when you go thru the book and see the full model it is even more profound. Understanding the ‘attachment’ concept was an epiphany for me, and has definitely affected how I view things.” - Jim Jameson, Keller, Texas


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