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Saying "Thank You" to Life Jan 29, 2020

I joined a gym as part of my New Year's Resolutions this year. So did a lot of other people.

It was pretty crowded there a few weeks ago. Not so much now.

From my perch on the treadmill, I noticed there seem to be two kinds of people at the gym each morning: those who love their bodies...

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My First and Greatest Gift (A Love Letter) Jan 29, 2020

To the 37 trillion cells of my body…

I know I don’t say it often enough. 
So I’m sending this card to say
“Thank You.”

For everything I am,
I thank you.

For all that you allow me
to do in this world,
I thank you.

For the ideas
that ignite through my brain,
I am...

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Work less. Chill more. Good idea. Jan 22, 2020

Feeling a bit overwhelmed these days? Does it ever seem like there's more to do than you could possibly accomplish in a hundred lifetimes?

Once you've stepped onto the treadmill of overwhelm, the belt typically starts moving faster and faster, often leaving us exhausted...

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Three Kinds of Thinking... Jan 15, 2020

I've been thinking.  A lot. (Maybe you have been, too?)

I recently noticed that my thoughts seem to come in one of three forms:

1. Observations
2. Judgements
3. Ideas

"The sun is out today," I observe.
"What a beautiful day," I judge.
"I should get outside and go for a walk!" Good idea!!


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