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What if there's more inside than the eye can see? Aug 26, 2020

Should we feel guilty about being hopeful?

Some people will tell us that audacious optimism is inappropriate in times like these.

What do YOU think? Is it possible to have "too much hope"?

All positive change begins with hope. After all, isn't "hope" the very thought that something...

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What if the challenge is the gift? Aug 19, 2020

There's a paradox in the creative process.

Recently, I've enjoyed some thought-provoking conversations with members of our #WhatIfUP community.

The big question seems to be: If we acknowledge the challenges of our times, aren't we perpetuating them through the power of our words?

If we...

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What if fear is the friend that greets us on the bridge to change? Aug 12, 2020

It's ok to be scared.

In fact, there's not a creature on the planet that would survive if FEAR did not do its job to alert us to the threat of a perceived danger.

Fear serves a purpose. It is here to help us navigate our world safely. In the right doses, a little fear can be motivating,...

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What if we rise above the gridlock? Aug 05, 2020

Polarization is paralyzing.

I've never seen anything like it. These days, it seems like it's difficult to find a topic that doesn't pit us against each other. 

What do you do when that polarization is within your own home? How do we move forward when we plant ourselves on opposite sides...

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