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What if we spread the word? Oct 21, 2020

You are a uniter. An encourager. A possibilitarian!

I know this because you are here. Week after week, you join me to explore possibilities and encouragement with each other.

Love and belonging are vital to our emotional wellbeing. I hope this community has served as a...

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What if we use our POWER? Oct 14, 2020

Luis was a member of the student government at the University of Texas El Paso almost 20 years ago.

I had just started using the "What If" UP process as part of a Goal Setting workshop for college leaders. Luis was one of my first participants.

As we brainstormed possibilities...

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What if we celebrate our TEAM? Oct 07, 2020

You'll never meet a truly "self-made" millionaire.

Although I've met plenty of alchemists when it comes to turning obstacles into opportunities, I have never known any of them to succeed on their quest without the support of a team.

Who is on your team cheering you on to success? 

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What if every closed door is leading you to a new and better opportunity? Sep 30, 2020

I know... No one likes rejection. No one likes being told "No". No one likes having doors shut in their face.

We've all had these defining moments.

The question is: Do you allow yourself to be defeated? Or do you pick yourself up and rise again, stronger than before?

This year has brought more...

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