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"What If Upping" in Uganda

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2017

Hello miss Mendhi,
I just finished reading your book, "What If It All Goes Right?" and I just can't believe the inspiration. I feel my ideas are standing right on top of a spring ready to turn into reality.

I dearly want to thank you for the great...


The Most Important Things to Ask Yourself as You Start the New Year

good ideas Jan 04, 2017

What if 2017 is your year to shine?

What are the questions to ask yourself today to help you start your year on the right foot?  And how do you ensure that the intentions you set today become the memories of 2017? Award-winning...


Following Your North Star - Unity of Dallas

talks May 01, 2016

Connect with your mission and let it guide you through the constantly changing terrain of your life's journey!

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