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Work less. Chill more. Good idea.

Jan 22, 2020

Feeling a bit overwhelmed these days? Does it ever seem like there's more to do than you could possibly accomplish in a hundred lifetimes?

Once you've stepped onto the treadmill of overwhelm, the belt typically starts moving faster and faster, often leaving us exhausted and gasping for air. 

Ironically, the secret to stepping out of the overwhelm experience is not figuring out how to go faster.  What if the solution is simply to step off and take a break?

Researchers have been telling us for years that our brains need breaks. Not only do they help us relax and refocus, a change of scenery is actually proven to contribute to increased innovation and productivity.

  • What if you take a nap and wake up recharged and with renewed focus?  
  • What if you grant yourself permission to watch those cute kitten videos** and funny baby memes? Or play with your dog? Or indulge in a cup of hot cocoa?
  • What if the time you invest allowing your mind drift into daydreams actually translates into a happier, more productive you??   

Today, I'm facilitating an exclusive "What If" UP Mastermind Retreat designed to give a handful of transformational leaders a few days to unwind, regroup, collaborate, and powerfully move forward. 

 Now it's your turn. Take a deep breath. Step away for a few minutes. It's time to fetch a little fun...

Much love,
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"


**This is totally for real: A study in Japan engaged a group in a task that required extreme precision. After performing the task for a while, the group took a short break to view pictures of baby animals.  When they returned, the group demonstrated a 34% increase in performance acuity. Pretty impressive!

The more it feels like you can't take a break, the more important it is to take one. Need help finding a way to make it happen? Engage in our "What If" UP Community and let us help you find your stride...

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