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When fear goes viral...

Mar 04, 2020

When the cartographers of yesteryear mapped out their ancient world, they would label all the land in unknown territories with these four words:

"Here there be dragons."

Humankind has always battled fear of the unknown. Sometimes that fear serves a positive purpose. But in today's modern world, more often than not, it destabilizes us, stresses our bodies, and causes us to isolate ourselves and lose sight of our purpose.

It's "What If" Wednesday... and this week, I want to share some timely tools and techniques for dealing with an epidemic of toxic worry and a new strain of highly contagious fear.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling...

  • What if we begin simply by breathing deeply and reminding ourselves that we are, in this moment, safe and well? 
  • What if we seek to ease our minds with understanding, learning enough to take responsible, proactive actions? What if we look to the experts (and not the news media) to empower us with knowledge that informs and equips us with what we need to know (and nothing more)?
  • What if, when fear arises, we make a solid plan for how we want to respond to the situation, put it into motion, then let go of worry and focus instead on the joy of living?

I know it can be jarring to turn on the news when every story begins with the instruction: "Don't Panic!"

I found the same advice from a guy who used to heal lepers and routinely hang out on the rough side of town. But he said it in a different way:

"Can any one of you, by worrying, add a single hour to your life?"

Feeling stressed? Worried? Fearful?  Does it seem like everyone around you is being eaten alive by dragons?

With a little perspective, we might actually discover that those dragons are not as mean and ferocious as we thought they were...


Cultivating peace of mind,
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"


P.S. To put things in perspective, there have been just over 3,000 deaths in the world from the Coronavirus. Compare this to an estimated 1 million deaths per year worldwide from suicide. Yes, we need to wash our hands and stay home when we feel sick. We also need to protect our minds and hearts from an increasingly frightening global outlook. What if we make the choice for health... inside and out!

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