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What if you find the perfect balance?

what if wednesday Nov 11, 2020

Which way do you lean... Actions? or Ideas? 

When it comes to creating positive change, our culture celebrates tactical mastery... But what if mental, emotional and creative mastery proves to be an even greater asset?

The topic came up in our What If UP Club group discussion, and it's a great one to explore in greater depth. Here's the post that kicked off our dialogue:

"ya know I don’t think in terms of “what if “ I like to think in more concrete thoughts- the term “what if” is very wishy washy for me - being with this group is very challenging for me because I prefer to be in action and find the “what if” while positive thinking (which is how I tend to think) is very passive-"

Can you relate? There are a LOT of people who feel frustrated when their actions are interrupted by the introduction of new possibilities. So how do we find balance between IMAGINING what's possible, and stepping into ACTION?

  • What if we first recognize that stopping to reflect and brainstorm is actually a powerful form of creative action?
  • What if beginning each endeavor with a few moments of ideating can cause us to take more expansive and productive action, so we don't have to live on auto-pilot?
  • What if we learn to integrate our imagination, our wisdom and our daily actions in a way that builds momentum more powerfully than action alone?

Join our "deep dive" into how to use the "What If" UP Process to inspire actions that create the greatest possible results.

In today's live broadcast, we will be drawing a winner for our next TeamUP Challenge. Registration is now open, so jump in and join us for 21-days of unleashing your imagination, developing your wisdom and intuition, and using the "What If" UP philosophy to create tangible, positive change.


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