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What if you find that thing?

Nov 25, 2020

I read a story yesterday that inspired me:

Aaron is an 8-year old boy on the east side of Los Angeles. Aaron LOVES Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

His mom is an undocumented worker. When COVID hit, she lost both of her jobs. She moved her family to a shed, sending her daughter back to Mexico to make sure she could provide for as many of her kids as possible.

When the snack truck rolled through their neighborhood, and Aaron pleaded for a $3 bag of Cheetos, it just wasn't an option.

With their last $12, Aaron got creative. He bought some succulents and sold them to neighbors for a small profit. 

He used his profits to buy his favorite snack. But then he had a realization. If he could earn money for Cheetos, what if he could earn a little more to help his family find a better place to live?

  • What if the desires that seem just beyond our grasp are there to entice us to a new way of thinking and being?
  • What if we choose goals that excite us and reward us with tangible treats?
  • What if every win and every success causes us to expand our awareness of who we are and how we can impact the world around us?

It started with a small table of plants that seemed too big to fill. Then he added a wagon. Now, thanks to a GoFund Me account set up by his plant supplier, Aaron has raised over $40,000 for his growing plant business.

He has also helped his family move from their shed into an apartment, where he now sells plants from his garage.

He was even able to reunite his family by bringing his big sister back from Mexico.

As we move through a week of Thanks-giving, may we be reminded of all that we have. May we recognize the "Cheetos" that we wish to bring into our lives. And may we remain hopeful about our ability to use every success as momentum to create something more...

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