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What if we use our POWER?

Oct 14, 2020

Luis was a member of the student government at the University of Texas El Paso almost 20 years ago.

I had just started using the "What If" UP process as part of a Goal Setting workshop for college leaders. Luis was one of my first participants.

As we brainstormed possibilities and goals, Luis was struck with an idea that lit him up: "What if we have 100% voter turnout in our upcoming student body election?"

Twenty years later, his enthusiasm and passion stay with me: 

  • What if we let our love of democracy inspire us to educate ourselves on the issues and use the power of our vote on election day?
  • What if we reach out to our sphere of influence, through our churches, our colleges, our civic groups, our neighborhoods and our businesses, to ensure that every eligible voter is able to safely cast their ballot?
  • What if we set an intention for 100% voter turnout and do all we can to turn the idea into a reality?

Did Luis hit his goal of 100% voter turnout at the University of Texas El Paso that year? No, he didn't.

But thanks to his efforts, he later shared with me that voter turnout reached an historic high at his school that year.

What if 2020 is here to re-ignite a passion for democracy, and to remind us of the power we have to shape our future?

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