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What if we spread the word?

Oct 21, 2020

You are a uniter. An encourager. A possibilitarian!

I know this because you are here. Week after week, you join me to explore possibilities and encouragement with each other.

Love and belonging are vital to our emotional wellbeing. I hope this community has served as a sanctuary of positivity and encouragement for you when you've needed it the most.

  • What if this is a time to reach out to others who are yearning to feel that sense of connection and belonging?
  • What if we invite like-minded friends to come together to focus on the future and step into new possibilities?
  • What if together, we build a culture of hope and unconditional love that heals the divisiveness and cynicism of our times?

We're spreading the word out about our "What If" UP community to more and more people around the world, and we need your help!

Post a video sharing your experience with the "What If" UP process and/or our "What If" UP Community for a chance to win one of our new DELUXE "What If" UP SWAG Boxes! (More details below...) 

Our community is enriched by your hopes, your dreams, and your enthusiasm for supporting the hopes and dreams of others.

This is a time for the possibilitarians of the world to step UP, reach out, and bond together to create positive change.

Are you in? Win a "What If" UP Deluxe SWAG Box!




Win a Deluxe "What If" UP SWAG Box!

We need YOUR help to get the word out about the power of the "What If" UP process, and what we can do as part of a "What If" UP Community of #UPlifters!

If you love the "What If" UP process and it has helped you create positive change in your life, we'd love to hear from you!

We will be awarding a "What If" UP Deluxe SWAG Box to one lucky winner. We will draw the name of the winner next Wednesday in our weekly #whatifupwednesday live broadcast in our Facebook Group.

To enter, simply go into our Facebook Group and click the "live" video option. Answer the following questions in your video to be entered into the drawing:

1) What does it mean to "What If" UP? (How would you describe the process to someone new?)

2) How do you use the "What If" UP process in your life? AND/OR "How has our 'What If' UP Community enriched or enhanced your experience?

We intend to use these videos in our website and other marketing materials, so by entering, know that you are giving us permission to use your name and likeness to help spread the word.

Enjoy this opportunity to engage in our Facebook Group and to get to know other #whatifuppers in our community.

We are grateful for your support and excited to watch your video! Good luck!

Post a Video in our Facebook Group to Enter.

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