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What if we begin again?

Sep 16, 2020

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." - Seneca

The images are heart-breaking. Natural disasters and raging wildfires consuming so much of our country. 

At times like these, I remind myself that while fire has the power to incinerate, it also has the ability to purify. While water has the power to engulf, it also has the power to cleanse.

And so do we.

  • What if we respect the lessons that nature is so vehemently trying to impart to us?
  • What if we light a fire within the human spirit to purify our thinking, incinerate our wastefulness, and spark new ideas for a more sustainable future?
  • What if we drown out our complaints, flood our minds with innovative ideas and drench the world with kindness, compassion and hope?

This year continues to be a wake-up call for humanity. What if we refuse to snooze through our opportunity to adapt, evolve, and change for the better?

It's What If Wednesday, which means we will be convening in our Facebook Group to explore possibilities for engaging in a new beginning. I hope you'll join us live (10 am MST) to honor the changes that are happening in YOUR life.

Can't join us live? Recordings are always available in our Facebook Group. Pop in and get connected as we come together to bring good ideas to life!

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

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