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What if there's more inside than the eye can see?

Aug 26, 2020

Should we feel guilty about being hopeful?

Some people will tell us that audacious optimism is inappropriate in times like these.

What do YOU think? Is it possible to have "too much hope"?

All positive change begins with hope. After all, isn't "hope" the very thought that something better is possible?

"Hope" as a noun is the yeast which allows us to rise.

It's when we lean on "hope" as a verb that we can get lazy. "I hope things get better.  I hope this works out."

What if "hope" is not something to do, but something to have?

What if we give ourselves permission to hang on to hope, especially when the night is long and the odds seem stacked against us?

What if we meet that hope with courage, wisdom, and inspired action?

Hope without action is hollow. But action without hope is in vain.

Need some help refueling on hope these days? Join us in our #WhatIfUP Community Group and surround yourself with courageous people who saddle up on hope each day to ride into a better tomorrow.


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."
- Nelson Mandela

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