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What if the answers are within us?

Mar 26, 2020

For the past three months, my husband Shawn and I have been dedicating our time and energy to a project that has called to us like Noah with his arc.

The plan was to roll things out on March 15. Then, on March 13, the whole world changed.  We paused like everyone else to regroup, but the vision remains. The past week has confirmed for us: This is the time to which we have been called.

This "What If Wednesday," we invite you to be part of the vision: a network of forward thinking, innovative problem solvers who lead with love and offer hope and encouragement to everyone they know.

What if during this time when the old ways no longer work, we rise up with new ideas and new breakthroughs that help us reinvent the way we live and work?

What if during this time of fear and uncertainty, we band together with an iron-clad intent to uplift each other and see the good in what is emerging?

What if we had a way of connecting with each other in a network of hope that left no one behind and allowed us to tap into a collective wisdom that is far greater than what we can see on our own?

We are calling it The "What If" UP Mastermind Network.  Using the principles that underlie the "What If" UP process, we are bringing people together to provide structure and accountability to our dreams, and to leverage the resources and creativity of one of the most dynamic, resilient communities I have ever known.

Imagine... what if we could build an arc that is big enough for all who want to climb aboard?  What if we weather the storm together, and emerge from this into a new beginning and a better world?

You are invited. Let's bring our heads together to help create a magnificent new "normal" during this time of reinvention.

Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"

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