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What if every closed door is leading you to a new and better opportunity?

Sep 30, 2020

I know... No one likes rejection. No one likes being told "No". No one likes having doors shut in their face.

We've all had these defining moments.

The question is: Do you allow yourself to be defeated? Or do you pick yourself up and rise again, stronger than before?

This year has brought more than its share of dead-ends, limitations, restrictions, and setbacks.

  • What if these limitations cause us to discover creative innovations for moving forward that would never have surfaced otherwise?
  • What if every person that tells us "no," and every idea that does not work, is leading us outside of our old paradigms and into a better future?
  • What if we learn from rejection, we grow from disappointment, and we gain clarity of purpose with every obstacle that seems to block our path?

It can be tempting to look at our outer circumstances and feel disempowered and overwhelmed.

What if, instead, we use this moment in history to ramp UP our creative abilities, and use all the resources that we do have to regroup, to rethink, and to re-imagine the possibility of a more joyful, sustainable future?

It's happening... Pop in to our online community and experience it for yourself!

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