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Three Kinds of Thinking...

Jan 15, 2020

I've been thinking.  A lot. (Maybe you have been, too?)

I recently noticed that my thoughts seem to come in one of three forms:

1. Observations
2. Judgements
3. Ideas

"The sun is out today," I observe.
"What a beautiful day," I judge.
"I should get outside and go for a walk!" Good idea!!

Mindfulness is conscious observation.

Compassion is conscious judgement.

And "What If" Upping, is, in my opinion, the best tool around for conscious ideating.

Have you ever noticed that the only type of thought that has the capacity to bring about change is an IDEA?

  • What if we practice noticing our thoughts?  
  • What if we refuse to stop thinking at the point of judgement, and instead choose consciously to use our judgements (positive and negative) to generate new ideas for how we want to impact the world around us?
  • What if the solution to every single challenge facing humanity today is lurking in the recesses of our imaginations? 

My commitment this year is to connect with those of you who share my ferocious intent to stay hopeful, resourceful, and proactive in the midst of whatever may be happening in the world around us.

This is our year to band together with love, support and encouragement to bring good ideas to life.

And, yes, we are unapologetically having a blast while doing it.

Consider this your official invitation to go deeper... I LOVE connecting with you and supporting you in bringing your gifts to a world that is crying out for them...

Giddy UP!
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"

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