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The Verdict: Naughty or Nice?

Dec 25, 2019

It's a big day for my family today. I awoke to find that somehow, once again, Santa had made his way to Colorado and left each of us a special surprise. 

That's right... Not a pebble of coal from Father Christmas this year. Sometimes it makes me wonder if perhaps the "Naughty & Nice" List is excessively lenient...?

This week's "What If Wednesday" possibility is inspired by good ol' St. Nick:

What if we relax and acknowledge that there is a bit of "naughty and nice" in each of us? 

What if the Spirit of Christmas reminds us to focus on what is good, nourishing the angels of our better nature so they can flourish, thrive and lead the way?

What if, in the spirit of the holidays, we set aside our critical eye and allow ourselves to focus on what we love and appreciate about our lives, our relationships, and our modern world?

What was the miraculous change on Christmas morning that called forth stars, and angels, and wise ones? Perhaps it was as simple as a new possibility for a more compassionate humanity, brought to life through a child in a manger. 

I believe the miracle of Christmas is alive in us every time the light of LOVE and a spark of HOPE breaks through the darkness of our cynicism and judgment.

Wishing you a day of new hope, deep peace, and abundant love this holiday season.

Thank you for being part of our "What If" UP Community. This "What If Wednesday" my family will join me live at 10 am MT to wish you a joyful season of love, compassion, and joy.  

Enjoy the spirit of the day...
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"


P.S. Wait! There's another present under the tree for you!  As part of our "What If" UP! Community, I'd like to gift you with my new 5-Day  2020 "Perfect Vision" Challenge!  It's a 5-day online course designed to help you map out your vision for the new year without that nasty sense of overwhelm or stress that can come with making resolutions. 

The challenge starts on Monday. I'll email you on Sunday this week with more details on how to join us to make this new year your best ever... Wishing you Happy Holidays and a joyous new year!

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