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The Three Priorities

Apr 24, 2019

April has been a whirlwind. This morning, I sat down to regroup, refocus, and reprioritize.

As I reflected on my priorities, I realized that my top three priorities are universal. They never change.  And, in fact, if I continue to focus first on my top three priorities, everything else will likely fall into place.

Priority #1 - Managing how I feel.  This is an internal quest.  My first priority each day is to notice how I feel inside... about myself, about my day, about what's possible. If I'm feeling down or anxious or dreading some aspect of my day, the first priority is to create a mental shift, a reframe, to help me move into a fresh perspective. 

Priority #2 - Managing how I feel... on a physical level. Did I get enough sleep? Am I giving myself the nutrition I need to stay energized throughout the day? Am I tending to my body so it can carry me through the day's tasks?  My second priority each day is to ensure that I feel as good as possible in my physical body.

Priority #3 - Managing how I feel... about my relationships. Do I feel whole and complete with my relationships? Is there someone or something I need to forgive? Do I feel connected and loving toward my family? My friends? My co-workers?

Noticing a common thread?

What if every day we prioritize how we feel?

What if our first "to-do" of the day is to improve the way we feel about ourselves, our health and our relationships?

What if by focusing on these three priorities, everything else is easier? What if these three priorities pave the way for everything else we want to create?

Imagine what you could create if you started each day grounded in joy and enthusiasm.  

Imagine what you could accomplish if you started each day committed to caring for your body and your health.  

Imagine what you could achieve if you started each day focused on building and maintaining mutually enriching, supportive relationships.

What if we start today?

Let the happy dance begin...

Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"

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