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The Rest of the Story - A Special Relationship with Mom

Apr 06, 2017

You may remember Holly from Chapter 18 of my book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"  It's been seven years since the book first came out.  This year, I received a special email with Holly to continue her inspiring journey:

"Hi! I know that we haven't chatted in a while, but FB reminded me the other day that it was your birthday, and when I thought of you, I felt that I should share something with you.

You know all about how you helped me help my mother in the hospital and they thought she wasn't going to make it. She still thanks me for saving her life almost every time she sees me.

Well, last weekend, they thought that my 76 yr old dad, who has always been healthy and physically able, was having a stroke. He couldn't walk, and he was talking giberish.

My brother drove him to the hospital and called to tell my mom to come quick because he was getting worse. She called me from the next state over to tell me, and she was hysterical, terrified that she would never get to speak to him again, sure that he was going to die. She's prone to hysterics, so her behavior wasn't shocking to me, but it was disturbing in that not only was she about to get into a car and drive herself somewhere (rarely happens), but she was going to take all of that hysteria and negativity to my dad in the hospital!

I knew I had to help her align with the bigger picture (no easy feat with my mom, who does not practice positive thinking).

I channelled my most Mendhi-Audlinesque care, and said, 'Mom, I need you to listen to me for a minute. This is very important. You need to put your concerns aside, arrive at the hospital safely, and be a source of strength for dad. You need to be there for him just like I was there for you. You are the only one who can do this for him.'

I have never felt my mother calm down and align with a higher purpose like I did in that moment. She said, 'Honey, you're right. I will do that. I have to go now because it's going to be dark soon.'

It was so calm and sincere that I could feel it through the phone.

She made it safely to the hospital, and every time I talked to her on the phone over the three days he was in the hospital, she was calm and clear. I can't tell you how unusual that is for my mother.

On the evening of the third day, she called to say that it wasn't a stroke, it was just a severe sodium imbalance. So they were releasing him to go home now that it was fixed. They told him to drink gatorade with his water.

I just thought you might like to know what a profound effect your words to me have had on my family. I want to thank you for your many kindnesses and wish you and your family a happy holiday season.  ❤"

When I asked Holly if I could share her update with you here, this is how she replied:

"You are more than welcome to share it. I think that it is always helpful for people to recognize how powerful their words to others can be - especially when spoken from a place of alignment and care.

Thank you for your encouragement. I'd like to think I'm getting better at it all the time. All things improve with practice! Thanks for lots of inspiration!"

Thank you, Holly, for continuing to share your journey and how you are using the power of "What If" to create empowering possibilities for the people you love.  You are an inspiration to us all!

Do YOU have a story of how "What If Upping" has helped you through a difficult situation?  Share it in the comments area below!

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