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The End of Resolutions

Jan 01, 2020

Happy New Year!

Wow. 2020 is finally here. And I'm excited.

Most years, I spend this week reflecting on the past, and creating goals, resolutions and intentions for the year ahead. Research shows us that about 60% of us take the time to do this every year.  

The problem is, of those 60%, only 8% follow through.  Clearly, there's a flaw in our traditional approach to manifesting a vision.

Most goal-setting courses focus on "creating a life you love." They tell us to create our wish lists, our action plans, and  our accountability strategy so we can reinforce our resolve.

Imagine what we could create this year if instead we choose to focus on a deeper truth that leverages the power of Love!

  • What if the secret to success is not setting out to "create a life we love," but rather intentionally focusing on "creating a life of love?"
  • What if using externally focused goals actually creates a false sense of discontent with our current reality that sabotages our success in the long run?
  • What if, by aligning our thoughts, feelings and behaviors every day with the creative energy of LOVE, we can actually experience more joy, success, and expansion than if we took a more traditional approach?

I love welcoming the new year with you, filled with hope and endless possibilities.  If you want to join me in embracing a new approach to greeting the year, here are some opportunities to get started:

  • Today at 10 am MT: Join me on Facebook Live for our first "What If Wednesday" chat of the year! We will connect and explore a new perspective on traditional goal setting and "What If" UP new possibilities for 2020.
  • Today at 11 am MT:  I will be broadcasting my annual "White Stone Ceremony" to help you tap into your Wisdom and tune into your calling for 2020.  Bring a white stone, a bit of paper and a Sharpie if you'd like to participate with me live.
  • Open Now:  My new 5-Day "Perfect Vision" Challenge is OUT, and it's my gift to you for the New Year. This is a 5-Day video-based challenge that will walk you through the process I've created for taking on this year aligned every day in the expansive energy of Love. 

Let's begin this new decade with a fresh mindset, a full heart, and an imagination spilling over with possibility!

Wishing you a year of LOVE,
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"

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