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The Chair that Changed My Life

May 20, 2020

He tapped me on the shoulder as I was sitting in my chair waiting for the next presentation to begin.  “Want to know what it means to be part of a team?” he asked.

I nodded.  At the beginning of the training, I shared with Gary that I had never been on a team before. I wasn’t involved in team sports as a kid, and I had spent most of my adult life behind a computer screen working solo. I knew that I needed to excel as a team player in order to thrive in my future ventures, so I asked one of my new colleagues to help me see what I couldn’t see for myself.

Thankfully, he delivered.

In our training, the group had been doing an activity that required us all to be seated on the floor. After the activity, the leader asked us to grab a chair from the stacks at the back of the room and be seated for the next session.

I was determined to be my best. I wanted to impress everyone with my efficiency and enthusiasm for the task at hand. I quickly whisked myself to the back of the room, and was among the first to be seated, fully attentive, waiting for the other slowpokes to catch up so we could begin.

That’s when I felt the tap. 

“Want to know what it means to be part of a team?” he asked.  “What if you help them?”

He then motioned to the other participants who had organically created an assembly line of chair distributors who were making sure that everyone had a place to sit and that the entire room was ready for the upcoming session.

Have you ever had an “ah-ha” moment when you suddenly could see that which was previously invisible to you?

Have you ever noticed that these moments don’t happen in isolation?  I believe they happen when we are part of a community that knows what we want and that actively supports us in moving toward our goals.

  • What if the secret to illuminating our blind spots is simply to realize what we want and to ask others to help us get there?
  • What if it only takes one gentle nudge to break down a lifetime of limitation?
  • What if these are the micro-moments that put us on course for a better future?

Yes, that chair changed my life. It broadened my vision beyond the shackles of self-absorption into a new awareness of my potential, even in tiny matters, to impact the people around me.

If you’ve already made that shift, or if you are ready to experience the expansiveness of stepping into a bigger purpose, this is your tribe.

How do YOU want to grow and expand in your life?  What do you need to take the next step? Come visit us in our "What If" UP Facebook Group and let us help. I’ve already set up your chair.

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