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My First and Greatest Gift (A Love Letter)

good ideas Jan 29, 2020

To the 37 trillion cells of my body…

I know I don’t say it often enough. 
So I’m sending this card to say
“Thank You.”

For everything I am,
I thank you.

For all that you allow me
to do in this world,
I thank you.

For the ideas
that ignite through my brain,
I am grateful.

For the impulses
that fly through my heart,
out through my hands,
animating my legs
and feet,
I thank you.

Without your daily efforts
to work together in harmony,
I could not fulfill my purpose. 

Without your ceaseless dedication,
I could not know the joys
of health and mobility and vitality.

A hundred thousand times a day,
you pump new life through my veins. 

When I feel lost and afraid,
you work even harder…
though I seldom pause
to ask for your support.

Tens of thousands of times a day,
you breathe life through me
without ever demanding
that I stop to say
“thank you.”

I seize this moment
to stop…
and say
“thank you.”

This body,
this life,
is my first
and greatest

I promise to honor you
by listening
when you call me to rest,
when you invite my soul
to bathe in sunlight,
to quench your thirst
and to nourish you
with kindness, consciousness
and intentionality.

You are extraordinary. 
And I love you.

Your friend for life,


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