"It's bringing us closer together..."

(This story came to me privately through my Facebook page.  I am sharing it with permission, but not sharing names to protect their privacy...)

"I wanted to share a bit about the impact your book about what if upping has had on my life. My 18 year old daughter and I have been experiencing harassment that has included police intervention and through it all, I have thought . . .what if no matter what happens, I can be a source of courage and inspiration for my daughter? What if this brings us closer together?

Last night, after talking with the RCMP again after the latest round of fabricated accusations, my daughter said that while it seemed like the person who is doing this to us wants to drive a wedge between us, it is doing the opposite, it is bringing us closer together.

Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom of What If Upping. It has truly changed my life."


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