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I "What If Upped" my Internet Service Provider!

Apr 05, 2017

Thank you, Carol, for sharing an empowering way to use "What If Upping" to move through a frustrating situation:

"Hi Mendhi,

I met you at Unity on the Avenue and just had to share this with you. I have had some pretty unpleasant experiences with <my internet service provider>. I won't go into detail but it usually entails at least an hour on the phone to resolve and tons of frustration.

My internet promotion was expiring and I found myself dreading calling them about a new promotion. I finally started what if upping; What if it's a pleasant call? What if I get an even better deal than I have now? What if this is a completely different experience than I've ever had with them?

Bottom line:  I got a great representative who got me an even better deal than I had before.

Thanks for the inspiration! I see you're all rested and refreshed and doing some interesting things. Enjoy!
Carol O'Dwyer
Denver, Colorado

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