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"I got the contract!"

Aug 26, 2020
I've been reading "What If It All Goes Right?" by Mendhi Audlin and practicing "What If Upping?"

What if, what?! 

The two words "What If" hold within them the power to create and the power to destroy. Our success or our failure depends on how we make use of the power of these two little words.

In our culture we practice a lot of "What If Downing" -
  • What if no one listens to my idea?
  • What if I'm not qualified enough?
  • What if I fail and I embarrass myself?
In contrast, "What If Upping" expands possibilities, raises your energy, creates what you desire - and is fun!

I was "What If Upping" around receiving a particular full-time work contract, raising my vibration, and feeling quite upbeat. Then I slid into "What If Downing" to "What if it doesn't come through and I feel disappointed?" But I didn't stay there.

Still, it got me pondering "So what if I feel disappointed?" - that's part of having the human experience. As I was growing up, I often heard people opine to not get too hopeful for fear of being disappointed (they weren't happy campers, I can tell you!). But really, what's so wrong with that, with disappointment? To not acknowledge and feel it, in turn does not honor me and the full experience of life. It's avoidance about things we deem to be "bad" when in fact, we never really know what is "bad" and what is "good." Everything is a blessing.

It's up to us how we choose to respond to every person, situation, event. Sure, we don't need to mire in what is uncomfortable but it's balanced to experience that as well as what is comfortable. From there, the practice is to bring oneself into the present moment where all is neutral.

As I look to creating my future, I invoke "What If Upping" because it is powerful, healthy, and joyful. If something less so/different comes along, I honor it, and view it from a spiritual, higher perspective.

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P.S. I got the contract!

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