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Finding Balance through Appreciation

Mar 05, 2017

What if balance is the secret to lasting happiness?

Just a quick update this week because... well...  I'm mostly taking today off.  This holiday weekend, I plan to recharge, rest up, meditate, take a walk and generally do as little as possible.  How about you? 

What if maintaining balance is the ultimate secret to spiritual fulfillment?

What if we constantly assess our own spiritual energy supplies and replenish them consistently?

What if self care is as simple as a deep breath, some quiet moments, and appreciation for all that is good in your life?

This week on the Leading Edge, I reveal my own "communion" practice and how I purposefully work toward maintaining balance in the five spiritual disciplines of LOVE.  Plus, there's an extra special message at the end just for you!

Enjoy your weekend...  And know how much a love and appreciate you for being a part of my spiritual journey.



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