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#Episode3 - When Momentum Takes You Down

Jul 15, 2021
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"What If It All Goes RIGHT?" with Mendhi Audlin
#Episode3 - When Momentum Takes You Down

Ever heard the saying, "the better it gets, the better it gets"? Or maybe you've experienced the opposite... When one negative experience triggers a downward turn to your day? In this episode, we look for ways to manage the MOMENTUM of a downward spiral so you can reset, regroup and turn your day around.

Reflection Questions for this Week's Episode: 

  • Pay attention to your emotional state. What do you notice about the relationship between the way you feel and what is showing up in your life?
  • Notice times when you build positive momentum as compared to times when the momentum takes you in the opposite direction. What triggers the change? 
  • What is YOUR favorite method of de-escalating negative momentum so you can get a fresh start moving in the direction you want to go?

Resources from #Episode3:

  • Join The What If UP Club @
  • Special Guest, Adriana Medina, Neuro-scientist
  • Special Guest, Janet Redford, Money & Mindset Coach
  • Special Guest, Natalie Soriano, Professional Organizer/Consultant
  • Theme music, "What If?" by #whatifupper Nathan Aswell. Hear the full song and experience Nathan's "What If" Mantra and Meditation at

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