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"Effectiveness of the statement 'What If'"

Nov 02, 2018

This from a member of a "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" book study group in Bend, Oregon. Thanks for sharing your story, Keith!

"I wanted to tell you how effective the meeting was for me last night. I have had some very anxious moments lately. While having an anxious moment, I moved to the "what if." This is the result that happened. While having an anxious moment, my resting blood pressure would be as high as 145/75. And sometimes much higher.

As the result of the process at rest it got down to 116/64. Very acceptable range for an 82-year-old male. Below is a picture of my blood pressure at rest after using the 'what ifs.' Pretty effective, you think?

I think it is a five step process:

1. Verbally move into the "what if" that...

2. ...creates the desire for what you want.

3. Visualize what you want.

4. Move in the direction of it (absolutely essential).

5. Continue to have faith that is it already yours.

Keith Hedeen" (shared with permission)

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