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Asking for Help...

Jan 08, 2020

Growing up, I hated asking for help. I was terrible at it. I avoided it at all costs. It felt too vulnerable.  It made we feel weak.

When I took the leap of faith to start my own business back in 2000, I realized that I had to change my paradigm if I had any chance of succeeding.  

Somewhat reluctantly, I opened up. I took a deep breath. And I asked.  That simple shift was a turning point in my life.

Once I had the courage to ask for advice and support, things began to change in an amazing way. I discovered a rich network of generous, like-minded earth-angels who absolutely delighted in encouraging me, sharing resources and watching my ideas grow wings. I was less stressed.  More joyful.  More productive.

This month, I'm excited to share with you a project that is the culmination of 20-years of visioning and brainstorming...

What if there were a community of people around the world that was dedicated to providing encouragement and support for each other through all the changes of our lives?

What if this community not only provided insights, resources, and inspiration for enriching our personal lives, but what if it expanded into our professional and civic lives as well?

What if there were a place we could go day-by-day and week-by-week where every challenge, every frustration and every hardship was met hope, optimism and possibility? 

What if it was a place where we could ask for help just as easily as we could share it with others?

What if it was affordable for all people, and attracted the wisest, most generous purpose-driven people on the planet?

This year, I'm bringing our private online community into alignment with our "What If" UP online mastermind groups. 

Our new "What If" UP Membership Community is the place you can come 24/7 to perk up your day, get inspired, ask for help, brainstorm ideas, and move toward your vision for the new year.  

Will you help me spread the word?

In a world that sometimes seems like it's turned completely upside down, there's never been a greater need for us to come together, focus on the future we want to create, and lift each other up until our vision is reality.

Let's do this... together!

With love and gratitude,
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"


P.S. I look forward to diving in and supporting you to create positive changes in your life and in the world!

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