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Are You Hardwired for Optimism?

Jul 28, 2021

You may have suspected this...

The human brain is hard-wired for optimism. We may be jaded by what we see in the news, but studies show: When asked about our own prospects for the future, we skew positive the majority of the time.

I read an article recently in a special edition of Time Magazine that explained why optimism is a necessary evolutionary catalyst:

"To make progress, we need to be able to imagine alternative realities - better ones - and we need to believe we can achieve them."

  • What if you were born "hardwired for hope"?
  • What if optimism is our default mindset?
  • What if we let go of worry and stop obsessing over worst-case scenarios? What if, instead, we give ourselves permission to be the idealists that we were born to be? 

Aside from the sheer joy of #whatifupping with a community of upbeat, inspiring people, the value of cultivating and multiplying a positive mindset is tangible:

  • Optimists at 40% more likely than pessimists to get a work promotion within the next year. They are also 5X less likely to get burned out.
  • Optimists have less stress, better health, and longer lives. In fact, optimists are more than 50% more like to reach the age of 85 than their curmudgeon counterparts.

Whether you're feeling knocked down by the circumstances in your life and are looking for a place to go for an emotional boost... 

Or you have spent years cultivating a positive mindset, and want to put it to use to create a better life and a better world...

We can do this better when we come TOGETHER.

Take a peek at all the happenings in our community and reconnect with the hope, the joy and the enthusiasm that is your birthright.  Your brain will thank you for it!


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*** Stats are from "The Power of Positive Thinking: Why Attitude Matters", a Special Edition of Time Magazine, 2021.

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