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A thousand ways to say "I love you"

Feb 12, 2020

When Bob's wife died, he bought a bench in her memory. Every day, he sits at her bench and listens for her "orders" for the day.

I wonder if perhaps his wife had a sweet tooth...?

Bob also practices another beautiful tradition: Every week, for more than 10 years, 94-year-old Bob Williams heads to the Dollar Store to load up on chocolate bars. And every week, he distributes the treats, bringing sweet smiles to the people in his community.

What if there are a thousand ways to say "I love you"?

As Valentine's Day rolls around this week, I'm inspired to open my eyes to all the ways we give and receive love...

  • What if we show our love for those who have gone before us by paying it forward to new generations?
  • What if it only takes small acts of kindness to touch people's hearts and create a legacy of love?
  • What if the one who receives the most is always the one who finds a way to express their love and appreciation for others? 

Join us in our "What If" UP Facebook Group this week as we brainstorm a thousand ways to say "I Love You." I'll kick things off today for our 10 am MT live stream. How many ideas do you think we can generate before midnight, February 14?

Get Inspired!
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"


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