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A reminder from my 6-year old self...

Feb 26, 2020

Who do you turn to when you need someone to confide in?

A 2004 study showed that 25% of us here in America (yes, 1 in 4 of us!) would answer that we have ZERO people in our lives that we feel like we could turn to with a personal problem.

The research also indicates that our level of social connectedness has been waning at an alarming rate for decades.

Instead of building strong, healthy relationships with each other, our culture seems to be gravitating toward the extremes, with people finding a sense of belonging by ganging up against those on the "other side."

It's "What If" Wednesday... a time to take an honest look at the challenges we face together, and to come together to imagine possibilities for creating positive change.

This week, I look back to the wisdom of my 6-year old self and the loving friendship I shared with my neighbor down the street...

  • What if we step into the mindset of a young child, playing, sharing and engaging with all the other kids who were near us? 
  • What if we remember the joy we found in childhood when we were given the opportunity to help someone?
  • What if we lived in a world where everyone had at least one special friend that they could share their secrets with?

Today, we celebrate the beauty of friendship, and the resilience we build for ourselves when we connect with others.

Join me this morning as we go deeper into the science of connection and explore new ideas for building stronger social networks. You can find me  streaming live at 10 am today (and every Wednesday!) on our "What If" UP! Facebook Page. 

Bring a friend and join us!
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"

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