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An Experiment: "What If" vs. "Whatever"

May 12, 2021

Last month, in our TeamUP Challenge, one of our green-thumbed #whatifuppers received an idea and she ran with it...

  • What if you "what if up" your spring seedlings?
  • What if you conduct an experiment to see if it makes a difference?
  • What if this experiment provides a glimpse into the magic that happens every time we "What If UP" with each other?


The challenge was accepted. The seeds were planted. And the results are in:

The "What-If-UP" seed was planted on the same day as the "Whatever" seed. They received access to the same light. The same routine waterings. There was just one difference:

The "What-If-UP" seed was greeted each day with positive possibilities for its growth and success.

  • What if you grow big and strong?
  • What if you sprout first?
  • What if you become the most beautiful sunflower ever?


Want to see what happened?

By the end of our TeamUP Challenge, our "What-If-Upped" seed sprouted first, grew faster and grew larger than it's "Whatever-ed" counterpart. 

I shared the results with you today in our #WhatIfWednesday live session.

Together, we will celebrate our triumphant seedling, and brainstorm implications for each of us as we plant a community of #whatifuppers.


Check-out the result of our experiment!


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