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When in doubt, trust your wisdom.

Jun 02, 2021

When the 'expert' said, "You're serving the wrong people", my WISDOM said, "You're following the wrong 'expert'. "

Big things are happening... Can you feel it?

Today marks an exciting new chapter for our What If UP Club: We are now officially organized as a not-for-profit organization, with a mission of providing personal development and leadership tools in a way that serves ANYONE who is attracted to this work.

  • What if we remember to ALWAYS filter advice through our own wisdom before taking action?
  • What if, even "bad advice" is useful in helping us identify what NOT to do?
  • What if the "feedback" that angers and triggers us the most is leading us back on track to fulfill the calling our hearts?

When the "expert" told me I needed to change my strategy in order to grow my business, I realized that my "business" was actually NOT a "business".

It's a calling.

So... for the first time EVER, The What If UP Club is structured in a way that aligns with the vision that was placed in my heart more than two decades ago.

Our mission is to provide personal development and leadership educational programs that cultivate mental resilience, human connection, and community engagement. Are you in??

Join me today for #WhatIfWednesday to hear the whole story and what it means for our community. Looking forward to the road ahead!


What I learned from getting bad advice...


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