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Pulling Out Splinters

Jan 13, 2021

Did you check for splinters this morning?

Probably not. When do you check for splinters? When you can feel that you have a splinter!

Why is it then that so many personal growth gurus encourage us to hunt down limiting thoughts and mental blocks? 

Here in our "What If" UP community, we have a very different approach to moving toward your dreams:

What if limiting thoughts and mental blocks are like splinters that can be easily identified and removed when they cause us discomfort or pain?

What if we don't have to hunt for them? What if they show up through our forward momentum so we can heal them as they arise?

What if the secret to building a stronger, healthier mindset is to recognize what it feels like to have a mental or emotional splinter and to know how to heal it?

If you are feeling resistance, fear or overwhelm when you step out to make your new year's goals a reality, it may just be a splintered thought that is slowing you down.

Turn up the light. Grab some tweezers. Clean it up. And get back in the game.


Your team is here to cheer you on to victory!


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