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Going to the Place where Transformation Happens

Apr 07, 2021

I've been asking God a lot of questions lately.

Actually, I've been asking myself a lot of questions and hoping for some Divine revelations to provide some clarity. 

The answer came to me as it often does when I ask for a Sacred Nudge: I heard it on the radio:

"The caterpillar transforms in a cocoon," the preacher said. "Human beings transform in a community."

As I listened, I received waves of clarity and inspiration:

  • What if aligning with a bold-thinking authentic community is the key to solving the biggest issues of our times?
  • What if small group "micro-communities" are the incubator for hope, fulfillment and personal growth?
  • What if we found that coming together with people who think different, look different, and act different is the secret to birthing a new life and a new earth?

Community and connection is at the heart of our What If UP Community. Come see what's possible when we "team-UP" with each other to create positive change.

Registration is now open for our 21-Day "Team-UP" Challenge.

This is an online challenge with a power-house of community support. If you're ready to experience the transformational power of community, sign UP today to join us before registration closes this Sunday at midnight. We will kick things off Monday morning, and would love to have YOU on our team!


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