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What if we move through the mess?

Dec 16, 2020

It's Moving Day! I'm keeping this short and sweet today so I can bring order to the phenomenal mess that moving has created in our home. There's so much to do!

Are you moving through a transition in your own life? Maybe a physical transition like a move or a new job? Maybe an emotional transition, like a relationship or a time of self-growth?

Regardless of the "move" you are making, there are bound to be some messy parts. So this #whatifwednesday, we explore these possibilities:

What if we could embrace the messy parts, knowing that they are an essential part of the journey of change?

What if you make time to reflect on what you are leaving behind, and celebrate what you are stepping into?

What if you emerge from the slush of transition into a fresh new beginning?

Keep up to date with our cross-country move and connect with other amazing people who embrace change with a positive spirit and an eye for possibility.

Visit our Facebook Group this week and share ways that YOU navigate the mess in the middle. I'll see you there!

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