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Are you a "messenger"?

Apr 21, 2021

You know who you are...

You've been called to be a "messenger."

You've got wisdom to share and a heart to serve.

You just need to get your message to the people who are ready and open to hearing it. Right?

I'm looking for experts, wisdom-teachers, light-worker, and "messengers" to interview for my new podcast that I am producing to spotlight members of "The What If UP Club." 

Here's the idea:

  • What if, now more than ever, people around the world are feeling the nudge to be leaders and influencers during this time of evolutionary change?
  • What if there is a place where we could come together, collaborate, and share our wisdom with each other?
  • What if YOUR STORY of how you are putting positive thoughts into inspired action is EXACTLY what someone else needs to find their way around a blind corner?

I'm looking for #whatifuppers who have a message to share in the areas of mindset, healthy living, spirituality, and sustainable living.

Do you have a message for members of our What If UP Community?


Join me in our #WhatIfWednesday brainstorm in our Facebook Group to learn more about how to jump in and share your light with our tribe. 


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