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What if limitation fuels our creativity?

Dec 23, 2020

Greetings from New York!

As much as I advocate for being positive, it's not so great when it comes to getting your COVID test results.

We had closed up our house in Colorado, packed everything into our mega-bus, disconnected phone and internet, and set out for our great family relocation to the east coast.

We had almost made it outside the city limits when Shawn got the call. His COVID-test that we took for travel had returned positive.

I'll share the full story in our #whatifwednesday broadcast today. Here are the possibilities that helped us navigate the past week:

  • What if unexpected and unwanted changes are guiding and protecting us in ways we cannot understand?
  • What if limitation and restriction challenge us to tap into our imagination and creativity?
  • What if times of need and discouragement bring us closer to the angels in our lives who stand always  ready to lend a helping hand?

Yes, Shawn feels fine. Thankfully, he only experienced mild symptoms. My daughter Jenna and I both tested negative, which is a Christmas miracle as well.

We got the "all-clear" to hit the road on Saturday in our mega bus which I now refer to as the "Fauci-Express". In it, we travelled 1700 miles without human contact.

We are continuing to quarantine for a few more days, parked safely at Shawn's parents' house in upstate New York. We will be celebrating Christmas Eve with a second round COVID-tests to make sure we are all in the clear.

I am forever grateful to our friends, neighbors and #whatifuppers who have been there for us at every step of this journey.

My biggest lesson from this experience: We need each other. Our strength is found in the connections we cultivate over time. There is love and goodness all around us when we humble ourselves enough to ask for what we need.

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