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The light at the end of the tunnel...

Feb 17, 2021

It's been a cold, dark week for millions in the United States this week, including most of my friends and family back in Texas.

Yet, even as power outages and plummeting temperatures have wreaked havoc in people's lives, there are those who have stepped up and reached out to help.

This week, as we brace for another arctic blast, I look to the warmth of the human heart for inspiration...

  • What if, when the night is long and the world feels cold, we look to each other to ignite a new light?
  • What if times of challenge and hardship make it easier to see the goodness in others and feel the warmth of our common humanity?
  • What if small acts of kindness and simple words of encouragement can provide the glimmer of hope that makes all the difference?

Join us today live for #WhatIfWednesday as we celebrate the people in our lives who shine for us when the chips are down.

Let's honor those people who light the way with generosity and love as we weather life's storms... together.


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