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Sep 22, 2021

What if we "Fall together"?

What's the best thing to do when everything seems to fall apart? What if that's the best time to "Fall Together"?

Yes, today is the first day of Fall! It's a BIG DAY for our What If UP Club... Today we officially kick off our first Fall Group Series based on my book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" Here's what's new for you starting today:

  • Our first small group "Kick Off Parties" begin this week so you can connect locally with other #whatifuppers in your neck o' the woods.
  • Our What If UP Club online discussion group is ramping up, complete with new weekly challenges, and new opportunities to connect.
  • Wednesday Night Live! Starting this week, members of The What If UP Club can join me for a live #WhatIfWednesday Happy Hour. These Zoom events give our members an opportunity to connect and discuss each module of our fall study. Members can sign up here to be part of our weekly virtual gatherings.



  • If you could change or improve ONE THING about your life in the next 6 weeks, what would it be?
  • Who do you/could you turn to for support, encouragement and accountability to create this change or improvement?
  • In what ways do you make yourself available to help others move through changes in their lives? What are you willing to GIVE of yourself over the next 6 weeks to create an impact for yourself and others?



This week is all about getting CONNECTED and building the foundation for a network of love, encouragement and support.

Your Challenge for the week... (if you dare to accept it!)

1) If you haven't officially joined as a member of The What If UP Club, there's no better time to jump in! (Plus, you'll get our fall book as a member perk... Plus, I'll put some fabulous surprises in your mailbox, along a warm welcome... PLUS, you'll be supporting our non-profit mission in these critical early days!)

2) Member Challenge: Help us get to know you! Post a greeting in our Facebook Group to share who you are, what your intentions are for our fall series, and what you are willing to do as a support to others in our community.

BONUS CHALLENGE: Invite a friend to join us as a new member. Let's GROW together this fall! (What if you forward this email as an invitation?)


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