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WhatIfUP with me today!

Jun 23, 2021

I'm trying something new today, and YOU are invited to be part of it... as my special guest!

I'm hosting a f.r.e.e. #whatifup circle on my Facebook Page. Want to join me live on camera to "Circle UP"?

  • What if jumping into our circle for just a few minutes creates positive momentum that impacts your entire day?
  • What if you by sharing your desire or your challenge with our circle, you open yourself to new ideas, resources and connections that you would never know about otherwise?
  • What if you share some great ideas with others, have some fun, and help us get to know you better?

You can join me on camera, or watch and comment off-camera on my Facebook Page. Either way, I hope you can join us!

If you are brought on camera, you may have an opportunity to:

  • Briefly introduce yourself.
  • Briefly share why you are part of this community.
  • Share a desire or challenge that you would like us to #whatifup with the group.
  • Contribute "what if" ideas to others in our circle (I will have a max of 6 people on screen at once... If you're not one of the first six, hang in there! I'll get to as many of you as I can!)

I'm looking forward to sharing the power of our #WhatIfUP process with you today! Magical things happen when we "CircleUP!" Come and experience it for yourself!


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