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Settling for less?

Mar 31, 2021

The water arrives. With ice. 

"This is not what I asked for." I typically say it in my head, of course. I like my water room temp. But is it a big deal when it comes loaded with cubes?

This week, we look at the things we want, the things we ask for, and the things we receive. Assuming we live in a Universe where what we receive is a reflection of our dominant thoughts and feelings, perhaps there is more to that cup of ice water than meets the eye...

  • What if we pay attention to the times when it feels like our requests of Life go unanswered?
  • What if we notice our hesitation or discomfort in speaking up for our desires and holding firm to our requests?
  • What if the things we "tolerate" nudge us to look within, discover our power, and use our voice as intentional creators?

What are you "tolerating" in your life? What can you discover about yourself and your beliefs by challenging those tolerations? 

What if you step the fullness of your power to create the life you have imagined?


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