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Make Your Heart Happy!

Feb 10, 2021

Here's a crazy idea...

Ever wonder why we enjoy a day of love and romance each year to commemorate the torture and martyrdom of a third century priest?

Apparently, after about 14 centuries, someone convinced the masses that martyrdom was kinda romantic (thanks a lot, Chaucer!!).

Since then, spiritual pilgrims have reached out to the now sainted Valentine in search of true love. But what if we don't need a pilgrimage for our hearts to know love?

In the spirit of brazenly bringing our own spin to a centuries old tradition, consider this:

  • What if we choose to celebrate Valentine's Day in a new way this year?
  • What if it becomes a day to celebrate the things that make our hearts happy?
  • What if true love begins by listening to our own hearts and following where it leads us?

What will YOU do this Valentine's Day to make your heart happy? We want to hear from you!

Join us in our What If UP Facebook Community to share your ideas. We will kick things off with a special #WhatIfWednesday "Happy Heart Jamboree!"

Why? Because being with YOU makes my heart happy!


SHARE: What makes your heart happy?

 “Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.”
– Braveheart


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